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Caffè Espresso

a small cup of very strong coffee

Caffè Doppio

a small cup with double espresso

Caffè Macchiato

espresso with a drop of steamed milk – small version of a cappuccino

Caffè Stretto

espresso with less water. Rocket fuel!

Caffè Americano

American-style coffee, but stronger and served in a large cup

Caffè Latte

milk mixed with espresso but less foam then Cappuccino, recommend for breakfast


espresso infused with hot milk and foam and drank in the morning, we never recommend after lunch or dinner

Flat White

espresso, hot water and steamed milk all of similar proportion, something between caffè latte and Americano

Tea, Herbal Tea

Caffè Corretto

coffee "corrected" with a shot of grappa, cognac, or other spirit

Caffè Mocha

¼ inch of chocolate syrup add a espresso and two thirds steamed milk, it's like cappuccino but very sweet

Hot Chocolate

chocolate powder stir in to hot milk, topped up with hot, foamed milk

Flavoured Syrup

caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate etc. serve with any type of coffee

Granita di Caffè Con Panna

iced beverage and topped with whipped cream

All coffee can be made with decaffeinated coffee as well.






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